Friday, August 30, 2013


Nine and a half months ago I became mama to a beautiful baby girl.  My husband and I didn't know she was going to be a girl.  It was a secret to everyone, even our doctor.  It was the sweetest, most fulfilling, surprise of our lives, and it's a surprise that keeps on giving.
So, I'm a mama.  That's the newest adjective in the list of adjectives in my blog title.  So far, it's the best job I've ever had.
I'm also Midwestern.  I was born in metro-Detroit, grew up there, and did my undergraduate studies at Western Michigan University.   After that I moved away from the Midwest for 10 years, but now I'm back!  We live on the south side of Chicago, a city I'm just getting to know, but is already feeling like home.  Maybe it's because of my Midwestern heart and soul.
And I'm musical.  I love to sing.  I play the piano.  Once upon a time I played the violin, and erhu.  Sometimes I pretend to play guitar.  I like acting in musicals, listening to jazz singers, and singing lullabies to my baby.  Anything can be a lullaby, if you sing it lullaby-ishly.
I'm a lot of other things too, I'll share them eventually, but I like alliterations, so musical, Midwestern, and mama, made the cut.  In this blog, you will find my musings.